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Preparing for a Mission

Every Member Can Be a Missionary

All of us can share the gospel in normal and natural ways. As disciples of Jesus Christ, every member is encouraged to love and serve those around us – comforting a co-worker in need, inviting our friends to a baptism, helping an elderly neighbor with his yard work, inviting a less-active member over for a meal, or helping a neighbor with her family history. These are all natural, normal ways to invite others to share in the light of the gospel. Sharing with them the fun times and the sacred times of our lives may actually be the most effective way any of us can “labor in [Jesus Christ’s] vineyard for the salvation of the souls of men [and women]” (D&C 138:56).

Meet the full-time missionaries serving in our stake.

Preparing for Missionary Service

Full-time missionary service is a privilege for members who are called through inspiration by the President of the Church. Missionary service is literally service to the Lord and His Church. Prepare now for the rigors, challenges and blessings of full-time missionary work.


Join our weekly stake mission preparation class:

Full and Part-time Senior Missionaries

Hundreds of full- and part-time missionary opportunities can be found by searching or by contacting your bishop.


Please contact ???? for more information.

There are urgent needs for Church Service Missionaries (CSM) right here at home. Please consider your availability to serve in one of these stay-at-home CSM positions assigned to our stake:


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